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T: 07788 815898

U.V. Shows

Lots of performers feature puppets in their shows, but  none are quite like these!

Russ has developed two ‘Black Light U.V. shows' which have been performed for thousands of delighted spectators. Kids love the bright colourful characters and great music whilst adults love the humour and topical references.

A trip into a world of ghosts, monsters, creepy crawlies, mummies and er…fruit.
Featuring the music of Queen and Danny Elfman, this show is not too scary for most children but adults have been known to die laughing.

Journey with us onboard the spaceship “Cat Cat’ as we fly through the cosmos and encounter strange new worlds and alien civilizations. Rock music is combined with favourites such as Dr Who and Star Wars to make this a trip a giant leap for mankind.

These shows are also available for hire, however they do require a suitable venue. Please contact Russ for more details.